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Over the years of hunting, Big Daddy Scent's field crew has experienced many different products available in the hunting industry. We have collaborated our experiences and feel we have produced an advanced formula of Deer Scents and Cover Scents for the Great Whitetail Hunter. 

While living and hunting  in Southern Illinois (Jasper and Crawford Counties) we formulated  Cornfield and Soybean Blend cover scents that have helped us become more effective on hunts in or around tree-lines and in blinds near the fields.  At Big Daddy Scents our deer urine line focuses on providing our customers with an outstanding experience.  Our customers can select one of three urine lines: "Average Doe", "Hot "N" Dirty Doe", "Big Ol' Bossy Buck" .

Stop by our webstore and try out one of our incredible product lines and don't forget to snag a Big Daddy Scents Hoodie or T-shirt!

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