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                                                    Deer Urine Product Line

Hot "n" Dirty Doe
"Hot N' Dirty Doe" is just like the name sounds! This is the famous urine in which the doe is ready to be bred. This product will drive the Bucks WILD!  "Hot "n" Dirty Doe" is a scent that will actually cause a buck to "TRACK YOU DOWN", and that is the name of the game. This scent contains the doe's pheromones which drive a buck crazy. This is a sexual attractant.    

Using this scent too early in the season may cause does to shy away because they know the bucks will be chasing them.

Big Ol' Bossy
"Big Ol' Bossy" Buck is a great dominant buck scent. This scent will help in the pursuit of that deer you've been pursuing / watching all year.   When the bucks are setting up their breeding territories, they "P" in the ground scrapes. The idea is to enter his territory with a different dominate buck "P".  Use the "BIG OL" BOSSY" and he should  be back to do battle with the intruding buck. This scent can also be considered a sexual attractant.

Average Doe 
Just your "Average Doe" is the standard urine from a great whitetail doe.  We recommend hunter's to use Average Doe during the early season hunts (bow), however it is also very valuable during later seasons as well. This is an excellent cover and curiosity scent. In the early archery season when the bucks are still grouped together and not in the breeding mode this scent is very effective.

Big Daddy Scents as bottled deer “P”  from August to January.  Our urine is very high quality potency - 100% Deer Urine!

Do Not Apply urine line to clothing, serious injury  or death could occur.

Do Not Consume any of our products, these are not intended for human consumption.



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