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Sweet Addiction TV


Antler Valley Outdoors


 Our team is not just a great mix of professional hunters and outdoorsmen, but a grass roots crew of family oriented Christian pioneers. We believe in keeping it clean and living by a code of values. We give each other praise, support and commitment to a way of life.       

Acorn Ridge Outdoors

We are proud to announce the latest sponsored group Acorn Ridge Outdoors. They are Filming and capturing hunts all over the mid-west.



Chasing Tail Outdoors

Founded in 2006 Chasing Tail was an outlet for local hunters to show there hunting videos. In 2009 after the shut-down of a popular Indiana based hunting production, Chasing Tail was rebirthed with 8 new members and a new goal. By utilizing online media as an outlet to reach millions, Chasing Tail will soon be in every outdoorsmen's house.


Hunt ‘Em Up – Knock ‘Em Down

Hunt ‘Em Up started as Backwoodsboyz and we felt the need to start a new Pro-Staff as we head in a more professional direction. We   separate ourselves from every other show by showing everything that the everyday hunter goes through. Not only do we show 100% real hunting adventures, we also show the funny stuff and bloopers that no other show will.

Hunting Fanatics


 OCD Hunting Fanatics is a team of Hardcore hunters dedicated to the sport of hunting and enjoying the great outdoors. To us Hunting is not just a season in the Fall, it is a year round obsession. Some call it a disorder, to us it's a way of life.
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