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 "I used the sample scent killer on opening weekend and had 5 does downwind of me and none of them knew I was there. Hope everything works out for you."  -- C. Odell Lawrencville, IL--


 "Had a doe bed down 30 +/- yards down wind from my stand didnt even know I was around, That Soy Bean Blend works and it works well!"  --M. Russell Oblong, IL--


 "This stuff works!"--R. Miller Robinson, IL--


 "Big Daddy Scents Worked for me!"(Ol Dirty Blend)                      -- J. Littlejohn Oblong, IL--


"Well people we put out a mock scrape about 40 yrds from our stand and sprayed a little BIG OL'BOSSY BUCK scent compliments of "BIG DADDY SCENTS" and I'll tell ya what ! I went back a few days later to check on it and holy :( that scrape was tore up !!!! it was about 2 times bigger then what I left it and pissed all over I mean WOW then the tree I left the scrape in front of was rubbed to darn near nothing ! THAT BUCK WAS ::) ....IF I WERE YOU PEOPLE ID SAY GET YOUR ORDERS IN"        HEY JD ! IM A BELIVER :) :) :) :)  


First time I ever went deer hunting. Used ur hot n dirty doe scent. I got me a 10pt. buck!!!!! --Danielle D.  Crawford County IL--

I used the Soy Bean blend, and my six point walked with in 30 yrds. of where I was! Makes a believer out of me, That buck was grazing, had no idea I was around

-- Jerry S.  Jasper County  IL--








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